Jennifer Busuttil New York Genome Center

Jennifer A. Busuttil is a Sequencing Project Manager at the New York Genome Center.

This year, the Biology of Genomes conference at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), an Institutional Founder Member of the New York Genome Center, kicked off with a different focus from previous years—single-cell genomics. For me, this topic was extremely interesting and a great way to kick off discussion, especially given that just two years ago at this same conference, only two talks addressed this subject. In contrast, this year an entire evening’s session was dedicated to single-cell genomics, with a number of researchers presenting diverse strategies in this area.

One of the 2010 presenters, Dr. Nicholas Navin, returned this year to build on his prior work. Then a member of Michael Wigler’s lab at CSHL and now at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Navin’s presentation focused on the newest iteration of the Cell-Seq method. (IS 5/18/2010)

This unique approach reduces the amount of DNA amplification required for sequencing. Specifically, it uses flow cytometry to sort and target single cells from the G2/M stage of the cell cycle that have already doubled their DNA content by replication. His team uses Cell-Seq to investigate cancer mutations and evolution patterns in various types of cancer. For a more in-depth explanation, you can read a recent interview with Navin at Genome Web.

This talk was just one of the highlights of the Biology of Genomes conference this year, and there were many other exciting presentations on this new forefront in genomics.

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